Jeffrey Char, Co-Founder and Chairman, TRENDE and Co-Founder and CEO, SOGO Energy

In our eleventh episode we hear from Jeffrey Char, serial entrepreneur and investor. He currently manages two renewable energy ventures he co-founded. SOGO Energy is building a distributed utility to serve rural communities in Asia with affordable, reliable, and clean energy. TRENDE is an online renewable energy retailer accelerating the widespread adoption of solar power in Japan.

Prior to this he was Director of Corporate Venture Capital and a member of the Innovation Task Force at Tokyo Electric Power Company. Jeff is also a professor teaching about entrepreneurship at IE Business School in Spain, Doshisha Business School in Japan, and National University of Management in Cambodia. He has founded, built, and sold several successful ventures.

In this episode we learn about the energy landscape in Japan and other parts of Asia, Jeff’s journey starting TRENDE and SOGO Energy, his biggest lesson he has learned from founding numerous companies, and what’s next for his ventures.

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