Jamie Jones, Executive Director for the Fuqua Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Associate Professor of the Practice of Management

Headshot of Jaime Jones, guest for Impact Drivers episode 9

In our ninth episode we hear from Jamie Jones, an entrepreneur, scientist, and educator currently serving as the Executive Director of Fuqua’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is also an Associate Professor of the Practice of Management.  

Previously, Jamie held leadership roles in entrepreneurship programs at Rice University and Kellogg. She co-founded Impact Engine, an investment firm with a mission to bring more capital to companies that have financial returns linked to positive social and environmental impact. She has also served as an Innovation Advisor at RTI International where she supported companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations with commercializing technology-driven new products. 

In this episode, Jamie and Jen discuss a range of topics from important principles for social impact driven businesses, to commercializing technology-driven new products, to how the startup ecosystem could better support entrepreneurs building high impact companies.

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